Featured Advocate: Anita from Breaking Down The Barriers – A wellness Journey 6/12

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anitaAnita:I believe I make a good advocate for Chronic illnesses and anxiety depression because I have been living with these conditions myself since I was a young teenager. I believe people who have survived and lived through these illnesses make the best advocates to help others in need of support and understanding. Raising awareness for such conditions is vital to help the sufferers and their loved ones to understand and to show that these illnesses are just as REAL as cancer or a broken limb. I believe that raising awareness is also important, so sufferers know they are not alone.

Breaking Down The Barriers – A wellness Journey

Join me on my wellness journey as I break down the barriers to a healthy balanced life. My aspirations for this page are to inspire like minded people who also have/had obstacles in their pathway to happiness and to show you and myself that I deserve to be happy and healthy and so do you! On this page I will share inspirational quotes, my favourite recipes, my triumphs and even my downfalls etc. My ultimate dream is to live an active, happy, healthy, balanced life and to be able to do all the things I love!A Bit About Me: Hi I am Anita, I am 27 and I have been suffering with autoimmune disorders and anxiety depression since my early teen years. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia and anxiety depression as a young teen and later on found I also had PCOS and Seronegative arthritis. Some days I can feel good and then be bed ridden the next or sometimes I can feel great for an hour or two but then the rest of the day I can be sick as a dog. This has made it hard for family and friends to understand what I am going through, as they only see me when I’m well or when they think I’m well lol (sometimes I am just pushing myself and have found it easier over the years to sometimes just not say anything :-/ ) Anyway that is why I have created this page, to inspire myself and others who are or know anyone who are battling through their own obstacles, I have no doubt (like they say) that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I think some tunnels are just a lot friggin longer and tedious than others lol Hope you enjoy my page.anita2


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