Featured Advocate: Marta from The ADHD Help and Hope Network 6/13

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martaMarta: I am an  advocate for those who struggle with ADHD because I have had many struggles with ADHD throughout my own life. I have raised a child with ADHD and have helped him navigate through school and socially as he struggled with it in his life. I understand the complexity of the disorder and how life can be more manageable, and you can live life to it’s fullest potential when you treat the symptoms. My network is about guiding families to the resources available today, offering information, hope, and inspiration to allow you to soar to new heights!

The ADHD Help and Hope Network 
Hi, I’m Marta and I’m here to offer support, info, inspiration, and guidance to resources that can help you and/or your children navigate through ADHD.

I am here to offer hope and inspiration, help you gain knowledge and information about the symptoms of ADHD, and to help guide you to the right resources that are available today.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, therapist, or mental health professional. Consult your physician with any medical concerns.

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