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Featured Advocate: Conori from Ziggy’s Wish 7/4

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ziggyConori: I am an advocate because my uncle Rob committed suicide. I have been helping my mom tell my uncle’s story from the start.  First it was just as moral support and as a sounding board to bounce ideas off, more recently in a role as assistant at Ziggy’s Wish. I’ve watched this project be shaped since its beginning. I know how much it means to her and I’m proud to see what she’s created in HOAX. She’s an advocate not only for her brother’s memory, but also for others who might find some familiarity or solidarity in the experiences of Rob and her.

Rob wrote poems. He started writing during one of his first secure unit stays and continued to write poetry throughout the rest of his life. Ravi also wanted to use her brother’s poems to create some form of artistic legacy for him, but it wasn’t till four years after his death that she was ready to look through them, and build something out of the beautiful words that had come from such a fragile and fractured mind.

That’s when she found HOAX – a poem Rob had written eight years earlier about a woman he once loved, a relationship that took place before Rob’s diagnosis, but was marred with the shadows of a disorder that we didn’t even know about yet. It was from that poem that HOAX the musical and HOAX the graphic novel spilled out. This project is Ravi’s way of creating a tribute to her brother, and using the story of his life and loss to raise awareness of struggles of those who fight mental disorders on a daily basis and the families who feel lost in trying to support them.

Ziggy’s Wish 
Charitable publishing endeavour creating high-quality, self-sustaining fundraising merchandise for a wide range of charities.
We are a charitable publishing endeavour that seeks to create and sell high quality artefacts in an effort to develop self-sustaining fundraising merchandise for a wide range of charities. We run on a carefully calculated, wholly fair and very simple model called THE TRANSPARENT PIE, so that everybody involved, including you, knows exactly how the money works.The Transparent Pie means that, once the first run of an artefact is created, sales of the first run will fund the second run of the artefact… sales of the second run will fund the third run of the artefact… and so on. So we start each of our projects off with a small fundraising campaign, but after that they become self-sustaining.

And not just self-sustaining, but self-sustaining fundraisers, because we give at least 10% of all of our profits to charity. And if you’re a charity yourselves it’s even better, because we sell our artefacts to you at a special rate, which means that when you sell them onto your supporters, you end up with even more profits to contribute to your cause.



Featured Advocates: Jessica, Lindsay & Becky from Our Side of Suicide 7/3

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Jessica, Lindsay and Becky: We are advocates for mental health because of our connection to suicide. Those who have lost a loved one to suicide have been touched by mental illness. Through our posts we are working to normalize mental illness. By normalizing mental illness we intend to give those suffering from everyday anxiety and depression hope that there is help.



ossOur page offers hope, inspiration and support to those who have lost a loved one to suicide. authors Jessica, Lindsay and Becky met through the Loving Outreach to Survivors of Suicide support group in Chicago after losing their fathers to suicide within five months of each other. Each had the desire to elevate the discussion about suicide in an attempt to give a voice to those seeking support and encouragement.Suicide is a topic that is often avoided or kept quiet in our society and can carry with it an unfortunate stigma for survivors. As we’ve experienced, suicide is something that can strike any family and is not singular to any one type of person, culture or economic status. Our mission is to help elevate the discussion and availability of support for those who need it so that no one has to feel silenced in their grief.In the days and weeks following our losses, we were fortunate to discover a local support group and were comforted by the hope, inspiration and friendship that grew out of sharing our stories. While each of our situations was unique, we experienced a sense of togetherness in talking about our loved ones and navigating our journeys after their deaths.Knowing that the availability of resources for survivors is limited, we wanted others to have a place to turn – no matter their location or grief stage. While the three of us lost our fathers, we created this blog to serve as a helpful resource to anyone who is seeking support following the loss of someone close to suicide. Our reflections will address the impact of suicide on our lives and the ways we have begun to live on in “our new normal.”

We reserve the right to refrain from accepting content or comments deemed offensive, inappropriate or otherwise harmful in nature. If you are in crisis, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline immediately at 1-800-273-TALK.

Featured Advocate: Shanna from Micah and Malachis Journey 7/2

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micah3Shanna: I am an advocate because both of my twins have been diagnosed with autism, Tourette syndrome among a cluster of other diagnoses. I’m a single mother who has solely done it alone.  It has become my passion to educate and bring awareness to the basically invisible disorders. I am their mother, their provider, their security, their teacher and most importantly their voice.

The whole story:

When Micah t turned 2 I noticed he was a little louder, more repetitive, more jerky, and just over all more quirky than most. He would make barking noises and take 3 steps and jump over and over. In public he would get very excited (not always the good “I can handle this excited ” ) so I talked to his PCP. He referred him to a ped developmental doctor who took him under a series of test and evals.

Over the course of months the doctor  came to the conclusion that Micah was HFA (high functioning autistic).  He also was diagnose with Tourette’s, ADHD, OCD andsensory issues (which normally a cluster of disorders arise when having autism and/or tourette)

Micah is a big ball of laughter and joy and fun and love but throughout the process of evaluation with him a lot of what they asked or said referred to his twin brother Malachi so the developmental dr. strongly urged me to get the ball rolling on his evaluations. So, I went on another long journey of therapist and test and evals.

The more they tested him the more we all began to notice his problems was alot deeper than his twin brothers Micah…Micah was just more loud and out in your face….Malachi was diagnosed with aspergers, tics, adhd, and EXTREME anxiety, sensory, and ocd issues

The older they both get the more you learn what works and what doesn’t….. but I must say the older Malachi gets and the more he learns about the world and how unpredictable it can be the more he has clammed up and has withdrew…..Malachi gets easily obsessed about things and takes things extremely literal (ex- it was raining and i said “lord the house is gonna float away” and he went into panic mode and thought that was actually gonna happen…)

His fears consume him on a daily basis and its hard to deal with…. Micahs is more physical his lack of fine motor skills and tics and hyper activity is his challenges, but Malachis is much more emotional and deep and social . .They both are in therapy and see a psychiatrist……Malachi loves to draw and loves science….Micah loves anything electronic and they both love video games….their IQs are of that of a normal 10 yr old level but the way they process information is diff and can make it difficult at times…..they have an older brother Isaiah who is the best big brother and loves them deeply hes such a blessing to me and his little brothers….he like their mentor, super hero, big bro, best friend and protector all wrapped in one. he has had such a positive impact on them and we are blessed with such a wonderful little person to embark on our journey of trials, lessons, and laughter.

Micah & Malachi’s Journey

For my twins…spreading awareness of autism/tourette,ocd,adhd,anxiety,and sensory disorders….our journey is just beginning.

I created this page to inspire other families and to promote education and awareness to these commonly misconcepted disorders




Featured Advocate: Jamie from My family’s journey through autism 7/1

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aut3Jamie: I am an advocate for my son Aiden. As we follow the road of autism, epilepsy, gasteroparesis and all the other diagnoses we’ve been handed. I’m a single disabled mom fighting hard for my son every day. And doing my best to get our story out there so that I can help others.

My family’s journey through autism

This is the story of my family, and our journey through my youngest son’s autism diagnoses.

I was born in March of 1977 to two deaf teenage parents. I lived with my grandparents most of my life. At 17 I gave birth to my first child Zack in December of 1994, who later had lead poisoning. When he was 13 I gave birth to his baby brother Aiden in December of 2007. Aiden was diagnosed with autism in 2011. And that was the year our family changed.

This is the page about our life, living with autism. We’re not rich, things come hard. We struggle, we’re real people. The normal American family (in this new economy) living life, and dealing with an autism diagnoses. It’s me (Jamie) and my boys (Zack & Aiden) and we live with my mom (Joan). We just doing the best we can, and if I can help any of you at all then what I’m doing here is worth it.


Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Asperger Syndrome Awareness Page Help 6/30

Anonymous: We are both advocates because we  both have Aspergers and felt other organisations had certain limits on what they are prepared to talk or think about so we set up this page to plug that gap!

Asperger Syndrome Awareness Page Help 

To help with Asperger Syndrome Awareness Pages, Support Pages, Network Pages, or any other issues within the autism community in general.

As autism awareness grows, so do the number of problems within and created by the movement itself.
This page provides a thinking space where these problems can be freely discussed, brainstormed, and maybe even solved. At the very least, let’s all have a laugh, whatever we do, and keep it real ♥

Featured Advocate: Nena from Let’s Talk About It 6/29

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ltaNena: I am an advocate for sexually abused children it is because I was a sexually abused girl. I was molested by my father for many years as a child. I finally reported at the age of 16 and was emancipated by law but also a result ostracized and lied about by the closest to me, my family and others believed the predator because he was smart and likable.To this day they’ll say I am a drug addict.

I never have been but other people might believe the odds are I might be. From my point of view I was thrown to the wolves as per say because being raised in a controlling environment there was not a lot of outside social experiences. I was naive to the world but forced into survival mode without protectors. I have a ‘herstory’ to tell but it’s the same story basically that so many of my sisters in the world have also experienced.

FYI: I was not raised poor but I am poor now and ‘all’ the Pedophile Protectors have nice wonderful houses.  I am now a woman of 57 years. I have had the full experience of many cycles of being a woman in this world. I have experienced sexism in a different day than the present and see it still exists as well as all kind of other awful things. As a young adult raped (multiple times before the age of 35). I spent many years trying to be the ‘good girl’ all the while suffering through domestic violence. I was a dancer and later in my thirties force into prostitution by a ‘gorilla style’ pimp. I have many scars and broken bones but I am alive and many of my past friends are not.

Either killed by men, domestic or stranger’s, drugs, suicide, etc.I am sorta the last one left standing. However, society’s view in 50 years has not changed.The apathy has always appalled me in my own family and I see it as no different in the greater family of humanity. I am using what little skills I have to do so all by myself but would love to be connected. I was ‘just’ starting from where I was at- taking baby steps and plugging away despite what other people are doing. So that’s why

Let’s talk about it

This is a page dedicated to the fight against the sexual abuse of our children.

‘One hand Washing the Other’ Style. Please help me to get the word out about child sex abuse, share and share widely, please.


Featured Advocate: Joanna from The Tao of Autism 6/28

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taoJoanna: I am an advocate  because my son and I are on the spectrum. We all want a better world, not just a world of awareness and acceptance, but a world that sees the great opportunities presented by people having a different journey and a different set of needs and gifts.  In fact the shift in the way the world perceives Autism, whether or not they discover that it is evolution, will cascade into all perceptions of neurological and psychiatric conditions. It is also a truism that all people are cognitively unique, and challenged in some area, whether it be psychological or other.

The Tao of Autism 

Autism is an evolutionary transition to facilitate through hard and heretical science, lateral thinking and constant celebration. Join us ♥



Featured Advocate: Tigeress from The Ups & Downs In The UK and USA 6/27

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ukTigeress: I decided to become an advocate because of my life of abuse & mental health. I went through domestic violence as a child & my mum also has bipolar & she is narcissistic person. Throughout my childhood she was in & out of hospital from being sectioned.  I did not understand when I was younger & got told my mum was ill.

I had my first child at 15 in which I had severe postnatal  depression. My mum tried to get me sectioned under the mental health act but I got diagnosed with postnatal depression & I’ve suffered with depression most of my life.

More recently in 2012 I left my ex narcissistic psychopath partner in 2012 because of domestic violence.  I was mentally emotionally,spiritually & verbally on the odd occasion physically abused for a 10 year period,why I decided to get up & walk is because of my sanity & my youngest child still at home my daughter

It has been a hard 2 years we have had to moved around the ul into women refuges but now we have our own home now & we are happish,it has been hard my daughter has ptsd & has tried killing herself 5 times in the past year she also self harms & is suicidal,she now has professional help from camns & goes to a special school for children with emotional needs etc…

I have ptsd & depresion & I’m waiting to see a doctor about some medication for my ptsd as i took myself of medication because it was doing nothing for me,& waiting for mdr I think it’s called treatment, I do believe I’ve had ptsd since I was very young but because no one knew a lot about it when i was younger i could not be diagnosed or my mother didn’t want me to,my day to day life can a roller coaster, but I’m much better than what i was,i believe that no one should ever be ashamed of who they are & if you have mental health problem please speak up about it & do not let anyone stop you from using your voice,once you make that first step in getting help you are on your way to recovery, I love working on the page it keeps me busy & helping other people in similar situations has been a very big part in my healing,i love taking my dog for walks to & listening to music,in fact that I have done all afternoon listen to music as when I get a trigger it soothes it i think.

I was not allowed to go to the doctors when I was with my ex. He used to call me a weak woman if I did for my health,& I think the worst thing to say to someone with a mental health illness is you look healthy ,I don’t know how many times I’ve had that said to me when really I’m feeling like crap i have insomnia & anxiety so some days are bad but most are good ,I want people to know they are not alone & that there is help out there & people do care,do not suffer in silence like I did for years.

Ups & Downs In The UK and USA
Hi thank you for taking a look at my page,no matter what life frows at us we can get through it,stop stigma of domestic violence,mental health xxx
Thank you for taking a look at my page,thought i would tell you a little bit about myself,I’m a single mum of 3 children,two boys in which have left home now & are enjoying being young men,& a teenage daughter that is at home with me,i started this page because i know how it feels to hurt & like your life is crashing down around you,to be hurt by someone you thought loves you,i fled domestic violence in 2012 from a partner i was with for 10 years he is a narcissistic & pyschopath,one of my close family members are a narcissistic to,i went through domestic violence as a child,me & my daughter have ptsd ,also my daughter self-harms & is suicidal,we are in recovery now & healing but it is going to be a long process,our life was turned upside down, i want people to know that no matter how hard life seems your can get through it just believe in yourself & there are people out there that love & care for you & want to help you,you are not alone,anyone in an abusive relationship please get help & any survivors out there please tell your story as it could inspire & help someone else in the same situation you was man or woman,i will be sharing a mixture of things on my page sad & funny thing,i hope you all enjoy,please smile & keep faith that things will get better in life.

Featured Advocate: Chloe from Colourful World of Autism 6/26

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cwaChloe: For us autism is more than just a disability people say we have, it’s more than just being different, it’s a whole other world that’s unexplained, and unimaginable, it’s my life and how I think and it amazes me, I don’t care what other people think about me, I’m proud of myself proud to be different, proud to be one of those people that sees the world as a puzzle an unanswered puzzle and that’s just the way I like it, to not know the answer to every question but to imagine the world as a whole and never see it as an ordinary life but to see it as mine. My only aim for this page is to help, educate and spread awareness and understanding about autism with the world.

Colourful world of autism

This website is about spreading awareness and understanding of autism by sharing our knowledge




Featured Advocate: Rosalie from Bless the Children 6/25

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btcRosalie: Though my brother’s death was declared accidental, he died from an overdose of pills. My sisters and I knew he was depressed as we were, as we were all mourning the death of our mom on April 23, 2008. My brother, Joseph, lived in Pennsylvania and returned home after our mom’s funeral. My sisters and I called him almost every day and he sounded good, laughing and making us laugh. We begged him to move back to New York with us.

Joseph then met a woman I’ll refer to as TT. They became engaged almost immediately and he was so happy for a few months. Then in October 2008, TT broke the engagement to him and refused to move out when he asked her to. Then this one night my brother heard all this commotion outside and when he opened the door, there were police all over. TT had called the police and told them Joseph threatened to kill her and her 5 year old son. My brother was a big teddy bear and would never, never say anything like this, let alone do anything like this.

Joseph was arrested, but was first brought to the hospital where TT had him committed. He was released in less than 24 hours and then brought to jail. Over the next 24 hours, 4 times he was brought to see a doctor because of chest pains. The police then brought Joseph to his house to get his clothes because when they arrested him all he was wearing was an undershirt and shorts. When they pulled up, TT was there with two male friends and a moving truck. My brother told the police that he knew she was stealing and that he had about $2400.00 in the house. One police office went into the house and the other one talked to this woman. When the police got back into the car they said they didn’t find any money and that TT said what she was taking was hers. But though my brother explained that nothing was hers, the police didn’t have any proof. TT stole all of Joseph’s furniture, television and electronics, everything, even the shower curtain and batteries.

Later that day, Joseph went before the judge and cried that he never threatened TT or anyone. He explained that he knew TT had done the same thing to other men and that one of them was still in jail, but he never thought she would do this to him. Joseph was released on bail. He was so afraid he would lose his job because of this, especially that he worked in a residential home for troubled teenagers. He loved this job.

On the day he had to go to court, I went with him and TT never showed up, so the case was dropped but not the charges. I begged Joseph to come home with me then, and begged him again to please move back to New York. Again he refused. As before, my sisters and I spoke to him almost every day and he sounded good, even great. Then on Thanksgiving Day I called him and he didn’t answer. I left a message. I waited a day and then called again, still no answer and again I left a message. I knew that if Joseph didn’t want to talk, he wouldn’t answer the phone. So a day or two later and every day after that my sisters and I called asking him, begging him to call us. We promised we wouldn’t answer the phone. We just wanted him to leave a message that he was okay. On December 5, 2008, I called the management office for the complex where my brother lived. When they couldn’t get into my brother’s house, they called the police. When the police went in, they found my brother in bed and he was not alive. The medical examiner determined that he died about the day before from an accidental overdose. This is not how we wanted Joseph back in New York, but he was finally coming home.

Losing my parents was bad but this was the worst thing that has ever happened to me and I have not been same since then. If only my sisters and I would have known how depressed Joseph was, we would have been with him in a heartbeat. Joseph hid the extent of his depression so well and because he sounded so good, we never imagined.

When I went to my brother’s house to bring home his things, I found his Last Will which he wrote on May 24, 2008 and updated on October 30, 2008. He wrote what he wanted to wear upon his death and what he wanted to be buried with him. He wrote who he wanted his belongings to go to. And then I read the next line and it destroyed me: He wrote, “Cremate me and throw my ashes down the sewer.”

Bless the Children
Bless the children for I am sure, it must be dark, dreary and scary when the innocence of a child comes face-to-face with evil.

My captivation with the mind, together with my humanitarian nature, my varied professional training and experiences, my therapy talents and through my past and ongoing extensive research and studies, has guided me on a journey in which I am blessed in that I am able to help people. In addition, through my personal past, I have learned to turn my misery into time well spent. Helping others has always been where my heart is and my lifelong desire, both personally and professionally. My goal is to continue on this path, especially about anything about children.

Bless the Children. Bless especially those children who have suffered and who are still suffering. For I am sure, it must be dark, dreary and scary when the innocence of a child comes face-to-face with evil.

This page is also for adults who have / are suffering.


My studies, certificates and certifications are based on helping people who have been abused / neglected, especially children.
1990 Mental Health Counselor.
1998 Certified Hypnotherapist.
2004 Doctor of Metaphysics and took courses in Dream Interpretation.
2006 I have taken courses in Introduction to Psychoanalysis.
2008 I have taken courses in Domestic Violence Mental Health. I am an ordained Minister. I have taken courses in Reiki.