Featured Advocate: Tammy from Aidens Autistic World 6/16

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tammyTammy: I am an advocate to show that being the parent of a child with Autism is awesome! Not just one horrible meltdown after the next. Being Aiden’s mom is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Aidens autistic world 
aidenThis page is meant to have a place where friends family and community members can share their stories and stay updated on Aiden and his progress.
It has been a while since this page was started. Aiden has come a long way. With that being said I decided to update the description of the page. I have decided to tell you a little bit about Aiden.. not his medical conditions but about Aiden the boy.
Aiden turned five in March. He is into Legos, wii games, maps movies and thrill rides. He loves the water except for bath time. He has a great sense of humor. He thinks in the literal sense.He will randomly break out in song or turn something into a musical instrument. He loves to make up stories to pictures of legos that he finds on the internet. He also likes to create Amazon wish lists. He then will use them to go back and tell even more stories with. Occasionally he will be surprised with something off of his list. He needs loads of proprioceptive input. He likes routines.He will also have the occasional melt down or tantrums. Oh… and he has autism. Aiden is a very smart boy who will start Kindergarten in august in a mainstreamed class. He will be attending the same school that both of his sisters attended and me.. His mother. Oh Hi.. I am Tammy . I am Aiden’s Mom. I adopted him. He has been with me since birth. He is biologically my grandson but my heart does not see him as anything other then my son.



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