Featured Advocate: Terri from Wednesday’s Children Christ Centered Solace, Healing, and Teaching 6/17

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Terri:  I am an advocate because I am an Adult Survivor of Abuse and have been diagnosed with Mental Health issues, but am stable now. I served in Child Protective Services and Foster Care for fifteen years.

Wednesday’s Children Christ Centered Solace, Healing, and Teaching
chrProvide an extension of Jesus Christ’s Churches through Solace, Healing, and Teaching. Focus is upon Adult Survivors of Child Abuse and Neglect and those with Mental Health/Substance Abuse issues.
Wednesday’s Children is a non-profit, faith based Christian Organization which provides Solace, Healing, and Teaching, an extension of Jesus Christ’s Churches, to those in any type of Life Recovery. The main focus group of Wednesday’s Children are Adult Survivors of Child Abuse and/or Neglect and/or Mental Health/Substance Abuse issues. This site is based out of Statesboro, Georgia by Terri Corbin Bailey, a former Georgia Department of Family and Children Services Caseworker and Social Services Supervisor. In addition to fifteen years professional experience in Child and Adult Protective Services and Foster Care, I am an Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual and Physical Abuse and Neglect. Wednesday’s Children was “born” after the most devastating time of my life. On December 5, 2013, I lost my best friend (who will remain anonymous) of 34 years. At age 15, she and I met in High School and merged an immediate bond. This bond was as a result of both of us going through silent storms (Abuse and Neglect) during our Childhoods. We were each other’s solace through all of life’s storms which continued all throughout our Adulthoods and until her death. Our souls were so intertwined that not once during our 34 year relationship did we have a disagreement or a cross word. We only served to support and love each other until the day she crossed HER Finish Line.

After losing her to a 3 1/2 year courageous battle with Cancer last December, my life plunged into an uncontrollable downward spiral which resulted in a depth of Depression the likes of which I had never experienced. On Friday January 17, 2014, after hitting Rock Bottom, the Lord Jesus Christ showed up, picked me up, and took me under His Divine, loving, and protective wing. After “dying to self” that morning and being Rededicated that glorious day, I rose up a brand new creature in Christ. He immediately removed the poor coping mechanisms that I had struggled with for the past 27 years. Although I had been saved at age ten, I had never had a Divine experience as I did that morning. I am grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ’s love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy.

Wednesday’s Children serves as an advocate for Child Abuse and Neglect, Mental Health and Substance Abuse and provides Christ-centered (S)olace, (H)ealing, and (T)eaching. Truly, EVERYONE deserves a “SHOT.” My Divine Calling is to eagerly herald and to GIVE the same everlasting love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy which the Lord Jesus Christ has so mercifully extended to me.

Wednesday’s Children is dedicated to and in honor of my best friend whose nickname is May Ting. (During our Childhood, she named me May Ling and herself May Ting.) She is just as much a part of Wednesday’s Children as I am. Although she is not physically here, she is planted deeply within my heart. I will carry her there until the end of MY journey and until we can be reunited in Heaven. SHE AND I are Wednesday’s Children. We invite you to become one of Wednesday’s Children, too.

This page will be OFFICIALLY dedicated to May Ting and promoted on my 50th birthday, WEDNESDAY, August 27, 2014.

This is the ultimate honor of my life. God bless you.




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