Featured Advocate: Courtney from A Legion for Liam 6/23

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lllCourtney: I am an autism advocate for my son Liam. I will include my latest post about his recent regression. I think this explains why I am an active advocate.  Society has failed us…. (blog article)

A Legion for Liam
Our life, uncensored, well except for the cuss words… I leave those out 😛 Sometimes I write. My blog 
lflMy son Liam is 6 and was diagnosed with autism in 2011. He was a late diagnosis. He is my only child, and I had nothing to compare his behavior to. He hit all of his developmental milestones on time, if not early, until about 15 months of age. He then back pedaled in a way. He wouldn’t let anyone hold him, touch him. Love was on his terms only. He became super picky and hard to feed. Vomiting at certain smells. He would scream uncontrollably at nite when we put him to bed, most nites, vomiting all over.We had no choice but to place him in our room. He would line up his foods, his toys, most everything! He was hyper, but he was from the time he was born. He didn’t sleep thru the nite until he was over 12 months old. The first 6 mths of life he was up every hour on the hour. There was no rhyme or reason to his behavior, and we had no clue. When we started to ? his actions we were told he was fine. At the age of 4 I had had enough, and I started switching doctors until we found one that would listen. In head start he had just barely passed his E.I testing. Hubs and I decided not to enroll him in early intervention as his issues (at that time) were not severe enough to pull him from class. We were late informed he had social issues at school. Finally at 5 we received his first diagnosis. That was Aspergers, ADHD, ODD, OCD, SPD. After he had a mini nervous breakdown we took him to NHS in Sayre for a second opinion. There we saw Dr. Dan Edmunds. We LOVE him!!!! He changed Liam’s diagnosis to Autism disorder, SPD, ADHD, OCD. This is where we are today.
I started this page to share, to educate, to advocate, and to meet other parents like us. I hope you learn. I hope I inspire, and I hope we become friends. WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER ♥
My blog was “born” before this page, thus the reason for the different name. It is about our life with Autism. The good, the bad and the ugly. I don’t sugar coat. I am honest, to the point, and try to see the positive side in life. I also share my ideas and sensory crafts that Liam and I do together.

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