Featured Advocate: JC from Magic with a Message 6/19

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jc3JC: As a child I was beaten, bullied and neglected.. I grew up without my mother and for most of my life I took care of my paraplegic father, I didn’t have much of a childhood and like so many these days I grew up way too fast. My entire life I have been caring for others and most times I forget about myself. As a kid the bullying and abuse at home turned me into a ball of anger and emotion and at 16 I attempted to take my life and ended up institutionalized for several months. Fast forwarding several years I lost my best friend.. My dad.. I lost him in 2012 and it broke me. I made my dad a promise that I would never stop following my dreams and that is one of the reasons I’m doing this.

The other reason is I know what people are feeling, I know what it feels like to feel alone. I have suffered with mental health for many years now.. Depression, PTSD, severe anxiety and Agoraphobia. As an illusionist my mental health made it very hard to get out and perform but I did it because magic makes people happy. One day it dawned on me to create magic with a message were I use my skills as an illusionist and motivational speaker to raise awareness and help people dealing with bullying and mental health.

jc4These actions have labeled me Canada’s Anti Bullying magician and I wouldn’t change that for the world along with the page I also started a YouTube video series called magic with a message and just recently another one called the mental health chronicles. I have been through so much in my life but I would not change it for the world because it made me who I am today.. It made me strong that’s why I am doing this.. Not just because of the promise I made but because I truly believe that if we all stand together we can make a positive difference in this crazy world.

Magic with a Message
jc1Follow us on our journey to stand for the silent and raise awareness about Mental Health and Bullying! Together we WILL make a difference!! Stay strong!!!!
My name is JC Jantzi and as a child i felt very alone.. My future was bleak and I was a miserable kid. I grew up without my mother and took care of my paraplegic father. For many years of my life I was beaten, bullied and neglected and for a long time I lived in a very dark place. With dedication and strength I found the light and grew up to dedicate my life to helping others. I use my skills as a professional illusionist and motivational speaker to raise awareness about mental health and bullying, both I have struggled with my entire life. These actions have labeled me, Canada’s anti bullying magician and I wear it proudly! Join me on my fight to make a difference and show the world that no matter what you face, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Stay strong my soldiers 🙂
I also have a website and you tube videos.
Magic with a Message video series:  Episode 1   Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4   Episode 5 

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