Featured Advocate: Peta from Aut2Baware – Autism Awareness Creations 6/24

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abePeta: I am an advocate because I have two young sons with ASD and delays and I felt it was important to raise awareness about Autism and what its can be like for families and individuals to deal with. I also feel it is important to help others by sharing our stories and other ways to cope with day to day life on the spectrum.

Aut2Baware – Autism Awareness Creations 
Aut2Baware was created to improve Autism Awareness and also raise funds to help others living with Autism.
Hi! My name is Peta Imbrogno and I have two young sons with Autism. They are such sweeties. I decided it was very important to make everyone more aware of Autism and what is involved with caring for a child with Autism.I became interested in beading when I attended a support group for parents and carer’s of children with disabilities. It was a fun time to get together and chat and create wonderful arty items. So I began shopping for beads and other bits and pieces so I could create my own things at home. I started making bookmarks, suncatchers, bracelets, keyrings and, other jewelry items.I then started to sell them to friends and family. I even raised $35 (half of each sale gets donated to an Autism charity) to donate to the Franks family to go towards them getting an Autism dog (like a guide dog, it is a specially trained dog). Then,I decided it was time to make a page for it all on Facebook! So here I am with my beads and bits!!Recently I started a business selling my jewelry so I can support my family and have flexibility for my boys when they need me… as a result I no longer sell my jewelry on this page. If you’re interested in seeing my jewelry you can check out my new business FB page, links to my website, Etsy store, Ebay sales and Made.it.com store are all there.. just look up the name “Wired with a Twist”abe2



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