Featured Advocate: Rosalie from Bless the Children 6/25

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btcRosalie: Though my brother’s death was declared accidental, he died from an overdose of pills. My sisters and I knew he was depressed as we were, as we were all mourning the death of our mom on April 23, 2008. My brother, Joseph, lived in Pennsylvania and returned home after our mom’s funeral. My sisters and I called him almost every day and he sounded good, laughing and making us laugh. We begged him to move back to New York with us.

Joseph then met a woman I’ll refer to as TT. They became engaged almost immediately and he was so happy for a few months. Then in October 2008, TT broke the engagement to him and refused to move out when he asked her to. Then this one night my brother heard all this commotion outside and when he opened the door, there were police all over. TT had called the police and told them Joseph threatened to kill her and her 5 year old son. My brother was a big teddy bear and would never, never say anything like this, let alone do anything like this.

Joseph was arrested, but was first brought to the hospital where TT had him committed. He was released in less than 24 hours and then brought to jail. Over the next 24 hours, 4 times he was brought to see a doctor because of chest pains. The police then brought Joseph to his house to get his clothes because when they arrested him all he was wearing was an undershirt and shorts. When they pulled up, TT was there with two male friends and a moving truck. My brother told the police that he knew she was stealing and that he had about $2400.00 in the house. One police office went into the house and the other one talked to this woman. When the police got back into the car they said they didn’t find any money and that TT said what she was taking was hers. But though my brother explained that nothing was hers, the police didn’t have any proof. TT stole all of Joseph’s furniture, television and electronics, everything, even the shower curtain and batteries.

Later that day, Joseph went before the judge and cried that he never threatened TT or anyone. He explained that he knew TT had done the same thing to other men and that one of them was still in jail, but he never thought she would do this to him. Joseph was released on bail. He was so afraid he would lose his job because of this, especially that he worked in a residential home for troubled teenagers. He loved this job.

On the day he had to go to court, I went with him and TT never showed up, so the case was dropped but not the charges. I begged Joseph to come home with me then, and begged him again to please move back to New York. Again he refused. As before, my sisters and I spoke to him almost every day and he sounded good, even great. Then on Thanksgiving Day I called him and he didn’t answer. I left a message. I waited a day and then called again, still no answer and again I left a message. I knew that if Joseph didn’t want to talk, he wouldn’t answer the phone. So a day or two later and every day after that my sisters and I called asking him, begging him to call us. We promised we wouldn’t answer the phone. We just wanted him to leave a message that he was okay. On December 5, 2008, I called the management office for the complex where my brother lived. When they couldn’t get into my brother’s house, they called the police. When the police went in, they found my brother in bed and he was not alive. The medical examiner determined that he died about the day before from an accidental overdose. This is not how we wanted Joseph back in New York, but he was finally coming home.

Losing my parents was bad but this was the worst thing that has ever happened to me and I have not been same since then. If only my sisters and I would have known how depressed Joseph was, we would have been with him in a heartbeat. Joseph hid the extent of his depression so well and because he sounded so good, we never imagined.

When I went to my brother’s house to bring home his things, I found his Last Will which he wrote on May 24, 2008 and updated on October 30, 2008. He wrote what he wanted to wear upon his death and what he wanted to be buried with him. He wrote who he wanted his belongings to go to. And then I read the next line and it destroyed me: He wrote, “Cremate me and throw my ashes down the sewer.”

Bless the Children
Bless the children for I am sure, it must be dark, dreary and scary when the innocence of a child comes face-to-face with evil.

My captivation with the mind, together with my humanitarian nature, my varied professional training and experiences, my therapy talents and through my past and ongoing extensive research and studies, has guided me on a journey in which I am blessed in that I am able to help people. In addition, through my personal past, I have learned to turn my misery into time well spent. Helping others has always been where my heart is and my lifelong desire, both personally and professionally. My goal is to continue on this path, especially about anything about children.

Bless the Children. Bless especially those children who have suffered and who are still suffering. For I am sure, it must be dark, dreary and scary when the innocence of a child comes face-to-face with evil.

This page is also for adults who have / are suffering.


My studies, certificates and certifications are based on helping people who have been abused / neglected, especially children.
1990 Mental Health Counselor.
1998 Certified Hypnotherapist.
2004 Doctor of Metaphysics and took courses in Dream Interpretation.
2006 I have taken courses in Introduction to Psychoanalysis.
2008 I have taken courses in Domestic Violence Mental Health. I am an ordained Minister. I have taken courses in Reiki.



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