Featured Advocate: Tigeress from The Ups & Downs In The UK and USA 6/27

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ukTigeress: I decided to become an advocate because of my life of abuse & mental health. I went through domestic violence as a child & my mum also has bipolar & she is narcissistic person. Throughout my childhood she was in & out of hospital from being sectioned.  I did not understand when I was younger & got told my mum was ill.

I had my first child at 15 in which I had severe postnatal  depression. My mum tried to get me sectioned under the mental health act but I got diagnosed with postnatal depression & I’ve suffered with depression most of my life.

More recently in 2012 I left my ex narcissistic psychopath partner in 2012 because of domestic violence.  I was mentally emotionally,spiritually & verbally on the odd occasion physically abused for a 10 year period,why I decided to get up & walk is because of my sanity & my youngest child still at home my daughter

It has been a hard 2 years we have had to moved around the ul into women refuges but now we have our own home now & we are happish,it has been hard my daughter has ptsd & has tried killing herself 5 times in the past year she also self harms & is suicidal,she now has professional help from camns & goes to a special school for children with emotional needs etc…

I have ptsd & depresion & I’m waiting to see a doctor about some medication for my ptsd as i took myself of medication because it was doing nothing for me,& waiting for mdr I think it’s called treatment, I do believe I’ve had ptsd since I was very young but because no one knew a lot about it when i was younger i could not be diagnosed or my mother didn’t want me to,my day to day life can a roller coaster, but I’m much better than what i was,i believe that no one should ever be ashamed of who they are & if you have mental health problem please speak up about it & do not let anyone stop you from using your voice,once you make that first step in getting help you are on your way to recovery, I love working on the page it keeps me busy & helping other people in similar situations has been a very big part in my healing,i love taking my dog for walks to & listening to music,in fact that I have done all afternoon listen to music as when I get a trigger it soothes it i think.

I was not allowed to go to the doctors when I was with my ex. He used to call me a weak woman if I did for my health,& I think the worst thing to say to someone with a mental health illness is you look healthy ,I don’t know how many times I’ve had that said to me when really I’m feeling like crap i have insomnia & anxiety so some days are bad but most are good ,I want people to know they are not alone & that there is help out there & people do care,do not suffer in silence like I did for years.

Ups & Downs In The UK and USA
Hi thank you for taking a look at my page,no matter what life frows at us we can get through it,stop stigma of domestic violence,mental health xxx
Thank you for taking a look at my page,thought i would tell you a little bit about myself,I’m a single mum of 3 children,two boys in which have left home now & are enjoying being young men,& a teenage daughter that is at home with me,i started this page because i know how it feels to hurt & like your life is crashing down around you,to be hurt by someone you thought loves you,i fled domestic violence in 2012 from a partner i was with for 10 years he is a narcissistic & pyschopath,one of my close family members are a narcissistic to,i went through domestic violence as a child,me & my daughter have ptsd ,also my daughter self-harms & is suicidal,we are in recovery now & healing but it is going to be a long process,our life was turned upside down, i want people to know that no matter how hard life seems your can get through it just believe in yourself & there are people out there that love & care for you & want to help you,you are not alone,anyone in an abusive relationship please get help & any survivors out there please tell your story as it could inspire & help someone else in the same situation you was man or woman,i will be sharing a mixture of things on my page sad & funny thing,i hope you all enjoy,please smile & keep faith that things will get better in life.

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