Featured Advocate: Jamie from My family’s journey through autism 7/1

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aut3Jamie: I am an advocate for my son Aiden. As we follow the road of autism, epilepsy, gasteroparesis and all the other diagnoses we’ve been handed. I’m a single disabled mom fighting hard for my son every day. And doing my best to get our story out there so that I can help others.

My family’s journey through autism

This is the story of my family, and our journey through my youngest son’s autism diagnoses.

I was born in March of 1977 to two deaf teenage parents. I lived with my grandparents most of my life. At 17 I gave birth to my first child Zack in December of 1994, who later had lead poisoning. When he was 13 I gave birth to his baby brother Aiden in December of 2007. Aiden was diagnosed with autism in 2011. And that was the year our family changed.

This is the page about our life, living with autism. We’re not rich, things come hard. We struggle, we’re real people. The normal American family (in this new economy) living life, and dealing with an autism diagnoses. It’s me (Jamie) and my boys (Zack & Aiden) and we live with my mom (Joan). We just doing the best we can, and if I can help any of you at all then what I’m doing here is worth it.



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