Featured Advocate: Nena from Let’s Talk About It 6/29

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ltaNena: I am an advocate for sexually abused children it is because I was a sexually abused girl. I was molested by my father for many years as a child. I finally reported at the age of 16 and was emancipated by law but also a result ostracized and lied about by the closest to me, my family and others believed the predator because he was smart and likable.To this day they’ll say I am a drug addict.

I never have been but other people might believe the odds are I might be. From my point of view I was thrown to the wolves as per say because being raised in a controlling environment there was not a lot of outside social experiences. I was naive to the world but forced into survival mode without protectors. I have a ‘herstory’ to tell but it’s the same story basically that so many of my sisters in the world have also experienced.

FYI: I was not raised poor but I am poor now and ‘all’ the Pedophile Protectors have nice wonderful houses.  I am now a woman of 57 years. I have had the full experience of many cycles of being a woman in this world. I have experienced sexism in a different day than the present and see it still exists as well as all kind of other awful things. As a young adult raped (multiple times before the age of 35). I spent many years trying to be the ‘good girl’ all the while suffering through domestic violence. I was a dancer and later in my thirties force into prostitution by a ‘gorilla style’ pimp. I have many scars and broken bones but I am alive and many of my past friends are not.

Either killed by men, domestic or stranger’s, drugs, suicide, etc.I am sorta the last one left standing. However, society’s view in 50 years has not changed.The apathy has always appalled me in my own family and I see it as no different in the greater family of humanity. I am using what little skills I have to do so all by myself but would love to be connected. I was ‘just’ starting from where I was at- taking baby steps and plugging away despite what other people are doing. So that’s why

Let’s talk about it

This is a page dedicated to the fight against the sexual abuse of our children.

‘One hand Washing the Other’ Style. Please help me to get the word out about child sex abuse, share and share widely, please.



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