Featured Advocate: Shanna from Micah and Malachis Journey 7/2

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micah3Shanna: I am an advocate because both of my twins have been diagnosed with autism, Tourette syndrome among a cluster of other diagnoses. I’m a single mother who has solely done it alone.  It has become my passion to educate and bring awareness to the basically invisible disorders. I am their mother, their provider, their security, their teacher and most importantly their voice.

The whole story:

When Micah t turned 2 I noticed he was a little louder, more repetitive, more jerky, and just over all more quirky than most. He would make barking noises and take 3 steps and jump over and over. In public he would get very excited (not always the good “I can handle this excited ” ) so I talked to his PCP. He referred him to a ped developmental doctor who took him under a series of test and evals.

Over the course of months the doctor  came to the conclusion that Micah was HFA (high functioning autistic).  He also was diagnose with Tourette’s, ADHD, OCD andsensory issues (which normally a cluster of disorders arise when having autism and/or tourette)

Micah is a big ball of laughter and joy and fun and love but throughout the process of evaluation with him a lot of what they asked or said referred to his twin brother Malachi so the developmental dr. strongly urged me to get the ball rolling on his evaluations. So, I went on another long journey of therapist and test and evals.

The more they tested him the more we all began to notice his problems was alot deeper than his twin brothers Micah…Micah was just more loud and out in your face….Malachi was diagnosed with aspergers, tics, adhd, and EXTREME anxiety, sensory, and ocd issues

The older they both get the more you learn what works and what doesn’t….. but I must say the older Malachi gets and the more he learns about the world and how unpredictable it can be the more he has clammed up and has withdrew…..Malachi gets easily obsessed about things and takes things extremely literal (ex- it was raining and i said “lord the house is gonna float away” and he went into panic mode and thought that was actually gonna happen…)

His fears consume him on a daily basis and its hard to deal with…. Micahs is more physical his lack of fine motor skills and tics and hyper activity is his challenges, but Malachis is much more emotional and deep and social . .They both are in therapy and see a psychiatrist……Malachi loves to draw and loves science….Micah loves anything electronic and they both love video games….their IQs are of that of a normal 10 yr old level but the way they process information is diff and can make it difficult at times…..they have an older brother Isaiah who is the best big brother and loves them deeply hes such a blessing to me and his little brothers….he like their mentor, super hero, big bro, best friend and protector all wrapped in one. he has had such a positive impact on them and we are blessed with such a wonderful little person to embark on our journey of trials, lessons, and laughter.

Micah & Malachi’s Journey

For my twins…spreading awareness of autism/tourette,ocd,adhd,anxiety,and sensory disorders….our journey is just beginning.

I created this page to inspire other families and to promote education and awareness to these commonly misconcepted disorders





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