Featured Advocate: Conori from Ziggy’s Wish 7/4

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ziggyConori: I am an advocate because my uncle Rob committed suicide. I have been helping my mom tell my uncle’s story from the start.  First it was just as moral support and as a sounding board to bounce ideas off, more recently in a role as assistant at Ziggy’s Wish. I’ve watched this project be shaped since its beginning. I know how much it means to her and I’m proud to see what she’s created in HOAX. She’s an advocate not only for her brother’s memory, but also for others who might find some familiarity or solidarity in the experiences of Rob and her.

Rob wrote poems. He started writing during one of his first secure unit stays and continued to write poetry throughout the rest of his life. Ravi also wanted to use her brother’s poems to create some form of artistic legacy for him, but it wasn’t till four years after his death that she was ready to look through them, and build something out of the beautiful words that had come from such a fragile and fractured mind.

That’s when she found HOAX – a poem Rob had written eight years earlier about a woman he once loved, a relationship that took place before Rob’s diagnosis, but was marred with the shadows of a disorder that we didn’t even know about yet. It was from that poem that HOAX the musical and HOAX the graphic novel spilled out. This project is Ravi’s way of creating a tribute to her brother, and using the story of his life and loss to raise awareness of struggles of those who fight mental disorders on a daily basis and the families who feel lost in trying to support them.

Ziggy’s Wish 
Charitable publishing endeavour creating high-quality, self-sustaining fundraising merchandise for a wide range of charities.
We are a charitable publishing endeavour that seeks to create and sell high quality artefacts in an effort to develop self-sustaining fundraising merchandise for a wide range of charities. We run on a carefully calculated, wholly fair and very simple model called THE TRANSPARENT PIE, so that everybody involved, including you, knows exactly how the money works.The Transparent Pie means that, once the first run of an artefact is created, sales of the first run will fund the second run of the artefact… sales of the second run will fund the third run of the artefact… and so on. So we start each of our projects off with a small fundraising campaign, but after that they become self-sustaining.

And not just self-sustaining, but self-sustaining fundraisers, because we give at least 10% of all of our profits to charity. And if you’re a charity yourselves it’s even better, because we sell our artefacts to you at a special rate, which means that when you sell them onto your supporters, you end up with even more profits to contribute to your cause.




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