Featured Advocate: Anonymous from PTSD happens to the bereaved too 7/5

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ptsdbAnonymous: I’m an advocate for PTSD from bereavement because I have PTSD from losing a loved one to cancer. I wanted to know I’m not alone, meanwhile letting others know they’re not alone and stand up for what’s right. I’ve discovered there is so much isolation, stigma, and not nearly enough awareness to the fact that PTSD happens to those whose loved ones have gone through chronic illnesses, too, as well as traumatic bereavement. I have close friends who have PTSD from these causes as well. this is why I am so passionate about it! if you have PTSD from cancer loss or traumatic bereavement feel free to PM my page or post there. I’d be honored to hear your story.

PTSD happens to the bereaved too

This page is for those who have lost a loved one or witnessed a loved one go through a chronic illness, and have ptsd as a result. Your illness is REAL. ♥

Often PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, is thought of an illness that only happens to veterans and survivors of sexual abuse. However, studies have shown that PTSD commonly occurs in people who have witnessed a loved one’s chronic illness, or death as a result of an illness. Many cancer survivors and there families experience symptoms of PTSD. This page is designed to let people know they need not feel ashamed, they are not weak for feeling this way, and to raise awareness.



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