Featured Advocate: Stephanie from My bipolar life-speaking out and ending the stigma 7/7

featured page stephStephanie:  Ive been diagnosed bipolar since 2008 and I want to give everyone a place to speak their mind about bipolar with out judgement. I also want to speak out about my experiences to help end the mental illness stigma. By speaking out, I am helping other members learn, cope and participate in my feelings and also showing other people that we arent monsters. We’re regular people, who lead regular lives that are a bit more complicated.

My bipolar life-speaking out and ending the stigma

I was diagnosed bipolar I in 2008 at 19 years old. My life is and will always be a battle. I want my battle to be public… ending the stigma.

Wanting to speak out and end the stigma. People with bipolar are not crazy. Bipolar is a real disorder. I just want to share my story and if I can reach one person and change one persons view then I’ve feel I’ve done something good. This is purely my story. The photos I share are not mine. Some are inspirational, others will be humorous. Feel free to contact me for anything or post things on here as well. 🙂 steph2


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