Featured Advocate: Shannon from Riders Against Mental Illness Stigma 7/9

featured page riders2Shannon: I am an advocate for stamping out the Stigma of Mental Illness. I have seen and heard so much about the travesties so many people with MI/Addictions have to suffer on a daily basis, the worst being the total and casual lack of respect. I work with people who are trying to recover and better their lives by obtaining their secondary school diploma.

The crap (pardon the expression) that they deal with is absolutely devastating. I have so much respect for the people who, regardless of the challenges of their illness and society’s attitudes and reactions to them, continue on the path to recovery. I am trying to bring information and education to people who really do not understand, as well as to people who “get it”, but who wish to know more and find websites that will help them.

I engage in fund raising activities for Mood Disorders Society of Canada and CAMH, and spread the truth everywhere and every-when I can. I start by telling people how MI’s are no different than diabetes or lung disease or any other illnesses that can be a lifetime struggle. My personal favourite is to tell people that Mental Illness IS an Illness, NOT a character flaw!

Riders Against Mental Illness Stigma

Horse people who want to raise awareness about Mental Illness and the damaging effects stigma has on people with mental illnesses.

This is a brand new group I am starting dedicated to education, fundraising and networking throughout Canada to reduce stigma and raise money for research. This organization is affiliated with Mood Disorders Ontario. Riders can donate a portion of their winnings from competition, get people to sponsor for equestrian events, learn more about the issue on-line to help spread awareness, organize a fund-raising/awareness event at your barn, etc. I am looking for members to get this pony runnin’. riders


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