Featured Advocate: Jennifer from Rae of Autism 7/19

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raeJennifer: I am an advocate for my daughter. I am an advocate for Autism. I would like to see Autism Acceptance for all of the young children, such as mine, and for all of the adults on the spectrum, because everyone has differences, and differences does not make someone less than. We are their voice and they are our hearts. I love a child with autism.

A Rae of Autism
This page is a look inside the journey of Autism with my Daughter Rae’Leigh. To walk along with others on the spectrum.
My name is Jennifer. My lovely little Rae of sunshine’s name is Rae’Leigh, most of the time i just refer to her as “Sissy” or “Sister”, I don’t know why it just started to be her nickname thing.
A bit about me: I am a single mother, shout out, out there to all the women doing it alone. Rae’Leigh also happens to be my one and only child.About Rae: She is definitely a little fire-cracker. No joke, she is wild and crazy, quirky and just plain funny. We first thought that she was on the spectrum at a year old. We officially received her diagnosis of Autism November of 2013, she is classified as “Classic Autism”. She will be 3 in September, she is “mostly” nonverbal. (We’ve just recently started getting words out of her, Yay!!) So we are very excited!I started this page in the hopes that it will help other parents with Autistic children to just open up and see the bright side. Like some of the other pages did for us in the early months of our diagnosis, unfortunately i had noticed that about 98% of the pages I followed were boys on the spectrum. That was the biggest reason I chose to form “A Rae of Autism”.Regardless of our diagnosis we try to do a lot of “normal/typical” activities, even if they do fall apart in action. We also try to have a whole lot of fun, laugh a lot, live freely, and just be happy, cause you only have one life right? (well unless you are a cat). But, naturally we can have bad days, we can be a grumpy mess. Hey it just comes with this journey, a big happy, adventurous, crazy, fun, bipolar, meltdown awaiting, roller coaster. So buckle up buttercup, and enjoy the ride y’all. ♪♥♫ Jen and Rae ♫♥♪

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