Featured Advocate: Rosie from Addicted To An Addict 7/22

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ataRosie: I am an advocate because I have a paranoid schizophrenic 1/2 brother with social disorder who has a 71 IQ and has been denied help by our Department of Mental Retardation Division. He has the intelligence of a 13 year old, hygiene of a 2 year old and is emotionally a 6 year old. Someone had to help him because he never would be able to survive on his own on the street.

So that is where my path leads. Now I have helped many people on disability like him making a monthly amount of $660 for a place to live, food, heat, personal items and every day living. I have discovered many people on the street homeless in this position because the USA releases the mentally ill onto the streets and doesn’t now what to do with them nor support them.

It’s truly sad. If I can help, then so be it. I am also very involved in politics and my community in trying to make a difference, pass laws, give them a voice and compassion that they are missing in their lives.

Addicted To An Addict
An open group for educational purposes focusing on addictions.
There is NEVER TOO MUCH SUPPORT for recovery. Obstacles can include inclement weather, loss of transportation, living in rural areas, illness/disability & homeless and can prevent needed therapy. ATAA IS NOT affiliated with AA/NA or any other organization. ATAA is non-profit, not monitored 24/7 and is not intended for crisis intervention. If you have an emergency situation, dial 911 for emergency help, and/or proceed to your nearest hospital.


  1. To Rosie, I have never heard this story. it warms my heart to read this article. It is so sad and true that people with Mental Health Disorders do not get the help they need. Here in California they have closed so many Mental health Facilities; so the people who need help are either put in jail or put on the street. Even in some cases have been dropped off at Skid Row.

    I have never heard of Mental Health Advocates United till now, I have saved this page so I can learn more about it.

    I have just graduated College with and AS degree is Alcohol and Drug counseling and am doing my transfer units so I can leave Community college with 2 more degrees AA in social behavioral science and AA-T in Psychology. I want to work with people who have dual diagnosis.

  2. If not for Woman n Men such as Rose who put there heart out to help others some of us who have to care for others or have little to no time for meetings, social life with other who we can relate to alot of us would be total wrecks.. I am thankful for what Rose has done for myself during the first four yrs of my own sobriety and for what she does for others who need support , love and friendship along with knowledge of the disease amongst other things..

  3. Thank you so much for all you have done…having a daughter that suffered from drug addiction for many years I clearly understand this very much.

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