Featured Advocate:Randye from Ben Behind His Voices 7/23

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randRandye: I advocate for mental health because I know how my son’s life was nearly shattered when he developed symptoms of schizophrenia, was hospitalized eight times, and lost so much of his future. I also saw how treatment – medications to bring balance, structure to help guide, purpose for renewed confidence, and love and community to make it all worth it – has helped him to rebuild that future. He has a right to empathy, treatment, a future, and support – and so does his family.

Ben Behind His Voices
One Family’s Journey from the Chaos of Schizophrenia to Hoperand2

Ben Behind His Voices is the gripping story of one family’s challenging experience when their firstborn is gradually struck down by schizophrenia – and how they learned to love and support him throughout his eventual steps to recovery. This page-turning narrative will inspire and educate any family going through hard times with the mental illness of a loved one. It also provides valuable insight for others who want to understand how families are affected when mental illness strikes.


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