Featured Advocate: Jeanne from Striving to Achieve Recovery 7/27

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strJeanne: I advocate for mental health and recovery from abuse and drugs/alcohol as I am a recovering addict and a person with mental health issues. I work to educate people that there should be no shame in seeking help with the issue in our life and that recovery in all aspects is possible through seeking proper assistance. I am a graduate student studying mental health and will have my LPC in a year. I know that with out the help of the programs that I have used and the resources I found that my recovery would have been harder to achieve. Through striving……. recovery is possible.

Striving to Achieve Recovery 
Daily inspiration and meditations on reaching our goals of a better recovered life. Life takes bravery to overcome the obstacles we battle.

It does not matter is you are battling drugs and alcohol, PTSD, gambling, eating disorders, divorce, depression, grief, loss, fighting cancer or just life in general it takes courage and bravery. Recovering from life changes is a struggle and we are here to offer wise words, encouragement and wisdom through your journey. Join us and share with us….. share your wisdom strength and courage.


If you have a product or item that is related to recovery in any way please feel free to promote it here. we are open to receiving information from all sources to better educate and encourage everyone.

This is a page for you to express your self on your healing journey….welcome!



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