Featured Advocate: Oletha and Ashley from Eli The Little Man With a Big Journey 7/26

featured page

eliaOletha and Ashley: We are advocates because our grandson/son  Eli who has autism.  We truly thought it was the end of the world when we were told about autism. But after the denial was over we jumped in with both feet because we were told he would never speak. That wasn’t an option for us we had to try to show them they wasn’t always right! Hehe and we do speak now. He is still behind but he is trying really hard. We advocate because we were once like a lot of others who just thought it was kids not getting there way. I hadn’t even heard of it until Rainman came out. These kids deserve everything just like the rest. He has changed our lives for the best and we want the world prepared for our flappin happy warriors!

Eli The Little Man With a Big Journey

This page is about my son Eli and his journey through the autism diagnosis  process and beyond 🙂 Eli has been going through programs since 17 months of age, he’s almost 3 now. Eli is non-verbal, loves to flap his wings and is a very happy stemmer! 🙂



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