Featured Advocate: Becky from All about Autism 8/2

featured page

delete5Becky: I am an advocate for my Daughter because I love her to the moon and back. People do not understand Autism, it is too wide and varied, too many misconceptions and misunderstandings.

I will stand up for her, be her voice, and fight for all the rights she deserves. She and all the others on the Spectrum deserve no less than a life they are happy in, opportunities to learn and grow, jobs, and fair treatment no matter where or what they want to dip their toes in. Last but not least, fair treatment in schools and in public places.

Awareness is GREAT, but lets face it, Acceptance is key.

All about Autism
This is a page to openly talk about, share information, and learn the facts about Autism.

This page is a non judgemental place where anyone is free to share and talk about the special needs of our children. All views are welcome, all I ask is that no one starts arguments or belittles anyone’s opinion.


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