Featured Advocate: Sharon from Me, Bipolar & I 8/1

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delete3Sharon:  I am an advocate because of the personal struggle I’ve had with Bipolar Disorder. By me using social media to advocate for change, helping fight stigma and helping people around the world it helps me too. It helps people daily what I do. I like to make a difference to peoples lives.stigmatizing for everyone.

It’s stigmatizing for everyone and that I would like to try & change. I am an advocate recognized worldwide for helping people who suffer with mental health issues.

Me, Bipolar & I

Recent work of mine: Talking to students in University about Bipolar disorder, volunteering at a drop-in group for people with mental health problems (everything from self harm issues, depression to Schizophrenia) and lots more! If I can help you in any way (especially with public speaking, TV work, publications etc) please DON’T HESITATE to contact me!

I am a Bipolar II sufferer (former PTSD and Depression sufferer). I personally DO-NOT suffer from all the signs and symptoms of BPII.

Everyone is different and we are all unique! 🙂

I hope that all members will find this a good friendly community to talk in for that impartial advice that maybe you would not get with family nor friends or perhaps elsewhere.

Remember: I am not here to judge you, only to support you.

This is a ‘like’ page/community for people suffering from Bipolar Disorder and also for friends and family of someone who is suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

My goal is for us to support each other, even in times of need.

Here you will find laughter & sadness, but most of all, you will find people that know what you are going through. You are not alone! Have a ‘rant’ if you need to!

Her other page: Paskavich : Stantasyland & Sutton : Me, Bipolar & I

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