Featured Advocate: Athena from On Cloud 9 with Autism 8/9

featured pagedelete32Athena: I am an advocate because before my son, I did not know what autism was. Now, I feel as if I am an expert. My son is my world and I stand strong and tall for him everyday!

On Cloud 9 with Autism

It took me a very long time to come to terms with my son’s AUTISM, although i’m still not (nor do I think I ever will be) COMPLETELY at terms with it, I decided to start this page hoping it would be both therapeutic for me and helpful to others.

I still find it QUITE amusing when people (mainly my family) say things like: ” I didn’t know _______ (insert my son’s name here) was Autistic”? Like, what do you want me to do? Run around with it on my license plate? I figured this page would be more appropriate


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