Featured Advocate: Brandi from Alexzander The Great 8/10

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delete36Brandi:  I am an advocate because my child  has severe autism. I advocate for him  and for other children like him.

Alexzander The Great
I am going to use this page to blog about the trials and tribulations of raising a child with severe autism and mental retardation. I would love feedback from anyone!
Alexz was born July 17th 2004 at 1:05am. We were so proud to have our baby boy! But as soon as he was delivered, the problems started. Daddy didn’t even get to cut the cord before they took Alexz away. They told us he was fine and they would bring him back after he was cleaned up and stuff. Later that day we were transferred to Cox South in Springfield because he kept having seizures. A couple days after we were there Alexz developed a pretty nasty case of gastrointeritis. His tiny stomach swelled to the size of a softball. They didn’t think he would make it between the infection and the seizures. But our boy pulled through! After a month we were released and sent home.Alexz was your normal baby boy. He hit all his milestones on time and grew wonderfully. When Alexz was 2 and we were pregnant with Reagan, we started to notice Alexz was regressing. Right before we had Reagan, Alexz stopped talking, drinking out of a cup and eating anything with sustinace. We went from Dr to Dr and the only thing we were told was to take him to speech therapy. Finally by the grace of God, my Dr referred us to a child psychologist Dr. John, and then we got the news that can shatter a parents soul. Alexz, our green eyed happy son had autism.Alexz is 9 now, when he was 6, he was also diagnosed with mental retardation, sensory processing disorder and apraxia. But he is still our happy boy. No he cannot talk, or is he potty trained. He doesn’t sleep very well and is a very picky eater. He runs, jumps, spins, bites and turns on every faucet in the house atleast once a day 🙂 Autism does not define Alexz. He is like any other 9 year old. He likes cartoons and M&Ms and driving his sister crazy. When I lost my job, I felt useless and didn’t have very many to talk to, I started ALEXZANDER THE GREAT and have found others who know how I feel. I love talking to everyone!


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