Featured Advocate: Aiden’s Supporters from Aiden’s Heroes 8/14

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delete43Aiden’s Supporters: We here at Aiden’s Heroes are mental health advocates through and through. Since Aiden’s Autism diagnosis our page admin, also Aiden’s mom, has been on a crusade to understand ASD and bring awareness to this disorder. We actively advocate on Facebook, through our blog, and in our personal/professional lives. Mom has dedicated hours of her personal time to volunteer operations and has become a professional resource for many people in her work community. Our admin is now investigating a way to start a charity to better benefit those in our community.  Blog 

Aiden’s Heroes
On May 10, 2013, our two year old son, Aiden was diagnosed with Autism. Now we strive to raise awareness and understanding of this disorder.
Aiden is a three year-old little boy who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADD in May 2013, when he was two. Since then we have been on quite a journey. Aiden loves watching the WWE, Monster’s Inc, Despicable Me, and the SyFy channel’s Face Off. Aiden loves to play games on his Nabi and he frequently plays games with his daddy and sister. Aiden is spunky, smart, and hilarious. We recently received the news that Aiden is functioning on the cognitive level of a five year-old. Autism has many different appearances and every individual child faces their own challenges.Approximately 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls are diagnosed with Autism. That means that in the United States alone there are approximately two million individuals with an Autism diagnosis. Autism is a spectrum disorder with a range of functionality. Aiden is a High Functioning Autistic child, but on bad days he slides down the scale to as low as a moderate functioning individual.Harvard researchers estimate that the costs of autism-related healthcare and education average more than $17,000 per child per year in the United States; by the time an Autistic child turns 18 their family may have paid approximately $306,000 or more for their care. Any form of assistance these families can receive to help alleviate this cost is a great help.We want to be part of that network of helping. We want to provide a starting point. A one stop shop, as it were, for those who are on their own, individual, Autism paths. Please see us as a beacon of light when the path gets dark. Ask questions, start discussions. We want to help families advocate with knowledge, hope, and love, but in order to be a good advocate you must be informed. We want to help members of the community and beloved first responders bridge gaps they may have in their knowledge of Autism.

Good luck and don’t forget we are here!


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