Featured Advocate: Kim from Away With The Butterflies 8/13

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delete41Kim: I  am am an advocate because I’m a single mother with 3 beautiful children whom have Autism and multiple other mental health issues. Some days its a struggle to keep my head high and keep smiling but I dig deep and pull out all the strength I have and keep moving forward. They are all my shinning stars and I wouldn’t wish for my life to be any different. They are my world!


Away With The Butterflies
Mother of 3 children with multiple disorders but I love each one equally the same and I personally believe they should be able to live a happy normal life

This page will provide a place for parents to come and talk freely about their children with AUTISM, ADHD, DYSLEXIA AND MUCH MORE. We will share friendly advice and seek answers from other parents going through the same daily adventures♥


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