Featured Advocate: Naomi from Adam’s HOPE HOUSE Foundation 8/16

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delete47Naomi: a mental health advocate? Well.. let me start by saying I am a human being advocate.. in that mental health is quintessential to our humanness.. sadly, not all of us are perfect.. truth is .. none of us are perfect.

My son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 19 and succumbed to it by death.. he took his life at age 23 this past October.. and I advocate for mental health because I witnessed personally how poorly he was treated.. even how I was treated.. frankly, we were treated like idiots.. as if we did not understand what we felt and what we lived and what we suffered each and every day of his struggle.

I will continue to be a voice.. until it is time for me to leave this human realm.. so that one day, perhaps.. sooner than later, all will understand, mentally healthy or not.  We are all human.. we are all someone’s son, daughter, mother, father, brother sister and we deserve the best.

Foundation:  Adam’s Hope House’s intention is to not only bring awareness and release the stigma of mental illness, but to provide a safe haven, hope, love and support to those who are feeling overwhelmed by their illness and feeling hopeless, to the point where they are contemplating taking their lives. We need support to get this off the ground and create this safe place.

Adam’s HOPE HOUSE Foundation

My son Adam Metzger took his life on 10/31/13. He was diagnosed with bipolar years ago and because of this illness being so much in the closet and no one really knows what brings help to those who suffer this illness, sadly, my son lost the battle, but we can still win the war. Adam chose to leave, his method was a drug overdose, was he an addict? No.. was he in pain? Yes. Was he self medicating to stop the pain? Yes. How easy was it for him to obtain the drugs that ended his life? WAY TOO EASY!! In his name I create this foundation. In his name, I intend to do my very best until my last breath to bring awareness, hope and voice to this tragic illness. Now is the time, enough is enough. Let’s all band together and fight this war… every little bit counts. 

We are Adam’s Hope House,
Our mission is to advocate for persons who are combating the ramifications of mental illness; by crafting a community based therapeutic environment. In this environment, we aim to inspire a cooperative effort between communities, therapists, physicians, families, and peers with the purpose of minimizing self-medicating, addiction, anxiety/depression, isolation and suicide. Adam’s Hope House recognizes the need to provide an open forum to the persons we serve, where they may express themselves with out judgment and never feel alone. Through the implementation of creative coping strategies, including artistic, musical and verbal expression, touch therapy as well as individual and group counseling, we seek to diminish hospitalizations, provide awareness to the community and strive towards restoring hope and saving lives.



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