Featured Advocate: Carmen and Simone’s Mom from I love my Aspie Girls 8/22

featured page

del3Carmen and Simone’s Mom: I am an advocate because I write the truth. Mental illness day to day life needs to be out there. The myth that just going to the doctor and getting a medicine  will fix it immediately needs to be broken. Other myths that need to change are that after a hospitalization everything is okay and after therapy you are fixed.

I am tired of folks thinking those things. There is a boring day to day life full of struggle, misunderstanding, hate, love and pain…with a sprinkle of really good days here and there.

My page is about  life with two kids that are what they are. I love my Aspie ( and other stuff ) girls with all my heart. I just want people to see how life really is. My mom and dad are mentally ill. Both my kids. It is our reality and we live a day to day life just like everyone else!

I love my Aspie Girls

Asperger page for my venting or what ever. I have two daughters with Aspergers and other things as well.



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