Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Domestic Violence Can Happen To Any1 Anywhere @Anytime 8/24

featured page del12Anonymous: I am an advocate because I am the  mother of a child with a mental illness and has a friend with a mental illness. I feel support can be provided in numerous ways. The power of social media enables this to happen for both those we love as well as the ones we don’t know. A little comfort goes a long way sometimes.

Domestic Violence Can Happen To Any1 Anywhere @Anytime
What do you know about domestic violence? Do you need help? Want to share your journey?
There are many myths about domestic violence also known as intimate partner violence. Some misconceptions include domestic violence is just physical abuse; men are always the abuser, that it doesn’t occur in same sex relationships…Hopefully through this page will continually raise awareness about the truths, be a place where one seeking help can turn to through the exchange and sharing of nationwide resources, and including but not limited to posting our experiences of living in, surviving and thriving after leaving abusive relationships. The aim is to empower the victim as he/she travels on their journey.“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” Author Unknown

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