Featured Advocate: Anne from The OCD Project: A Book for Sufferers of OCD by Sufferers of OCD 8/26

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del23Anne: I am an advocate because I have had moderate to extremely severe OCD on and off for 50 years. For the first 30 years, I also suffered from clinical depression, general anxiety and was a self harmer and eventually became agoraphobic and unable to work.

Meds never worked for me and greatly worsened my depression. I was lucky to have 12 years of respite aged 49 to 61 after four months of successful inpatient treatment and huge life style changes (leaving work and going to Uni). When I had my relapse aged 61, I could not get any more free treatment.

It makes me angry that so many sufferers cannot get access to treatment and are given meds that do not work. I opened this page in 2010 because I know OCD can be brought under at least some control with the right treatment, administered by a well trained therapist who understands OCD and lots of support from fellow sufferers and loved ones.

I am passionate about helping fellow sufferers as I don’t want to see anyone struggling alone again. I hope that my page will help sufferers to help themselves towards wellness. Anne Watkins (aged 66).

The OCD Project: A Book for Sufferers of OCD by Sufferers of OCD
The project, aka anneandherocdproject is aimed at ending stigma, improving treatment and after care and helping sufferers in need via our private pages. Website 
My name is Anne Watkins. I am 66. I have OCD but do not define myself by my condition. I currently have high control as a result of a lot of hard work and the friends I have made as a result of running this and my self help pages.I have three degrees including a PhD in Arab and Islamic studies (which I was awarded in 2009). I am passionate about helping those with OCD and their families. I am an optimist who has always believed that things will get better if I work at them. I hope you will enjoy this page and I welcome your comments and suggestions. Please remember that vulnerable people use and run this page so we do not tolerate bullying in any form. Any message or comment which we consider to be threatening or malicious will be removed from the page and reported to FB.



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