Featured Advocate: Linda from Speaking Autism 8/28

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del31Linda:  There are so many reasons why I am an advocate, but the most important is advocating for my autistic son who at the moment cannot advocate for himself.

I advocate for his right to be respected and treated as a functional member of society, not just a diagnosis. I raise awareness and advocate for the individuals like my son who cannot advocate for themselves either. I advocate so that society can understand that difference is what makes us unique and that even by these differences, we are still all the same. You and I are the same because you and I are human beings above all else!

Speaking Autism
This page was created to provide inspiration, love, acceptance and awareness to families and loved ones living and thriving with autism.

This page is about sharing all our experiences with autism. I have two children, one on the spectrum. We have been living with autism for over 14 years. I created Speaking Autism’s website to provide information and resource material to families and caregivers. I became a certified life coach and I’m presently an autism consultant. I help families who are just starting their journey. This can be anywhere from helping with challenges at home to developing and IEP for your child. Most importantly this page is for all of you. This page is your community. A community that I would love to see grow with beautiful stories shared. So welcome to your community. I’m glad you’re here.




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