Featured Advocate: Tru Harlow from Cure Mental Illness 9/3

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Tru: I am an advocate because I have an immense amount of knowledge about mental illness and I feel an immense amount of duty to share with the world and help the suffering

Cure Mental Illness

Whether you have been diagnosed with a “mental disorder” or just feel something’s off

Feeling disconnected from yourself

Problems with handling intense emotions

Sudden and unexpected changes in mood, for example feeling very sad for no reason

Depression or anxiety problems or both

If so you may be experiencing some level of DID Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Yes, these are general symptoms but my point is that dissociation effects a larger percent of our population than we think. Confronting the fact that somewhere in our unconscious minds there are stories, emotions or pieces of ourselves that have been stored away. How do we then find ourselves? In doing so we will achieve peace of mind, strength, courage, confidence and independence.

Through this blog I hope to help you help yourselves or others. I will be utilizing a Jungian framework, along with therapeutic research, and studies on the unconscious, dissociation, trauma, and society’s influence in order to put together the missing pieces.

We can become whole. We will seek truth. We will be cured.

We owe it to ourselves and our neighbors to be the best we can be.




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