Featured Advocate: Katie from Survivors Stand Tall 9/6

featured page del44Katie: I am an advocate because I suffer with depression, suicidal thoughts, previously self-harmed, low self-esteem and have panic attacks/anxiety. I have also had people I care about deal with mental health problems, eating disorders, learning difficulties and suicidal attempts/thoughts as well as self-harm. I don’t want other people to have to feel alone while they go through the problems they may face in their lives. It’s inevitable for people to not have problems in their lives but what can be done about it is for them to have someone to support them and help them as best as they can which is what I try to do on my page. I don’t want fame or fortune all I want is to be able to know that I have helped at least one person to get through a rough patch and made coping that little bit easier.

Survivors Stand Tall

We post about mental health such as depression, self-harm, but our main aims is to cheer people up that are dealing with mental health issues. We also will be posting about bands and fandoms. We do NOT tolerate hate comments or bullying on this page. We do S4S/P4P for any page with ANY number of likes. Our Inbox is always open for anyone that needs to chat, wants a promo or wants to ask for something to be shared/changed about the page. Although we say message the page if you need to talk to someone we are NOT professionals and can only tell you our opinion from our own experiences. del45


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