Featured Advocate: “Bounce” from Krazy Dayz 9/7


featured page

del46“Bounce”:  I suffer daily from BiPolar Affective Disorder. If I had the energy and the passion to become a strong advocate for the “de-stigmatizing” of mental illness, I would certainly do so. I wish to draw attention to the “positive” side (if such a thing can be imagined) of being Bipolar.

I suffer from Bipolar Affective Disorder (BAD).

Yeah, I’m BiPolar. So? Sometimes it’s funny! 😀

Unlike almost any other physical disease, Bipolar Affective Disorder shows no visible evidence. Trying to explain my illness to anyone who hasn’t experienced it, either by association or having it themselves, is extremely difficult. Most people don’t realize there is a funny side to having this disorder. I got tired of being all bogged down in the darkness associated with it – this page is one of the tools I use to pull myself up when it’s gotten too bad to handle. Enjoy!

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