Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Teen Victims of Violent Crimes 9/9

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del50Anonymous: I am an advocate because I was the victim of a shooting in 2005 and I have two boys one 10 and one 14 I have always tried to teach them to respect women. I fight for bullyimg because my oldest has been bullied all through school. Most of all I want victims of any violent crime to have a place to go eithout judgement and talk to other victims who understand.

Teen Victims of Violent Crimes
This is an online support group for teen Victims of Violent Crimes. It is a sister page of
Our mission is to help as many victims as possible through online support.

We are an online support group for teens who are victims of violent crimes.
If you need help finding resources in your area such as dv shelters or anything else we will help the best we can.
We accept victims of rape, bullying, attempted murder and more.
we do not offer financial assistance. Looking for more help go to our sister page

Our goal is to help as many Victims of Violent crimes as possible


  1. Often times it’s really sad to hear such incidents of violence especially for women teenagers. I also have a sister who is a teenager and every time he comes late at night damn, I am really very worried, I learned how to pray. Thanks for this post and virtue of all your intentions.

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