Featured Advocate: Hope from Never Give Up 9/8

featured page

del48Hope: I am an advocate because  lot of friends of mine were into self harm even my self.  When I realized that this thing leads to nothing but towards darkness I started this page.  I want to stop people from self harm and provide them some sort of motivation or inspiration so that some other person shouldn’t destroy his or her life, the way I did.

This page is for those people who sooner or later give up some times on them selves and some times on others. So here is the chance to change it guys!! 🙂

I know out there are many people who have already given up. Who are considering them selves a burden on others. May be some of you are about to suicide and may be it is the last thing you are looking at. But don’t it is just a time waste. I have tried my self guys but it is of no use. If some one considers you a burden well now it is the time to show them that you are not just a use less piece of shit you are capable of more!!!


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