Featured Advocate: Tasha from The world through Rylan’s eyes. 9/12

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del56Tasha: I am a advocate, well, because I HAVE to be… I made a promise to my son, before he was ever born, to do EVERYTHING in my power for him to have a great life… we never expected 2 years later to get a low functioning diagnosis, and now, at 3, for him to still be non-verbal and struggle with the simplest tasks, but I made a promise to him, and its a promise I WILL keep! This is who my child is, I wouldn’t change it for the world.. My page is set up to show that special needs children/adults are smart… and normal just like the rest of us, but with a little bit more “superpower” mixed in… I’m an advocate because I am a mother, and THAT is my job

Rylan was diagnosed with severe low-functioning autism in 2013 at the age of 2. This page is to raise awareness and support for Autism and those affected.

My son Rylan was diagnosed with autism in 2013 at the age of 2. I didn’t create this page for sympathy, or anything like that… I created it with the intent on helping others and raising awareness on Autism. So few people know what it is and how it affects everyday lives of those closest to them..This is who Rylan is meant to be.. He is meant to show me something and I will die trying to see the world through is eyes.. He is MY son..I am his ONLY voice… I don’t love him any less because he has autism, if anything, I love him more. 🙂


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