Featured Advocate: Deb from Little Girl, Big Dreams 9/16

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del70Deb: I am an advocate for Mental Health and Addiction because I was diagnosed with a severe panic disorder and secondary depression when I was younger. At the time, I was afraid to tell anyone about my condition. I abused my medication, felt embarrassed, ashamed and didn’t believe anyone would understand. I believed there was something very wrong with me. But, here I am 18 years later, on the other side – free from medication and only a few panic attacks to report. And I am no longer afraid to share my story.

I created my page because I am currently studying to become an Addictions Worker/Counsellor and also with the hope of spreading awareness of the link between mental health and addiction.
We need conversations of these subjects daily; education and awareness to help remove the stigma from both. When we share our stories, I believe it encourages others to share theirs and possibly seek help. Let’s keep talking!!

del68Little Girl, Big Dreams
Working toward my degree in Social Work to achieve my dream of becoming an addictions counsellor, and help people in a positive way.
At 37 years old, I finally know what I want to be…guess I am now officially a ‘Grown-up’! I have recently made a positive life altering change, and returned to school. I enrolled myself in the Addictions Fundamentals program at my local collage. My long term goal is to open my own rehabilitation facility. LOTS of work ahead of me, but this is something I am truly passionate about and dedicated to achieving. I am truly grateful to the friends and family who have supported this decision, and who continue to support me.
I created this page to share what I am learning along the way, as I personally feel this information gets lost amongst the news in our society. I will share local information and services currently available to anyone who may need it, and of course share positivity with everyone.

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