Featured Advocate: Anonymous from The Red Spotty Bug 9/20

featured page

del73Anonymous: I am an advocate because I am a single mother who has borderline personality disorder. I  blog to seek and provide an alternative view to the dark stigmas surrounding Borderline Personality Disorder. I am currently doing a series of blogs answering people’s questions they have based on my experience living with the condition.

The Red Spotty Bug
The blogging site of one single young mother living with Borderline Personality Disorder. (Trigger Warning: Some content is Christian based)
A fly went by one sunny day; And so did a bee, that said to me’ “It’s time to fly away”I am a  blogging 23 year old mother.Blogging is my way to think about things going on for me. A large part relates to the fact I’m a parent and also I live with a mental condition.

My hope is this page can be of some help to the many spots of your life that you face.

* I may blog about some of the content on this page. However I get some things are delicate matters so please be assured I will respect your privacy and modify details that may link to you. And in the extreme cases I will not post about matters period.



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