Featured Advocate: Linda from PTSD Awareness 9/21


featured page

del85Linda: I am an advocate because I have 2 sons and a daughter in law who all suffer to some degree from PTSD. I am so proud of them for the courage it took to sign on the dotted line and protect their families and friends during time of war.   I started my page the to help raise awareness that PTSD is REAL! It exists in the minds of those who serve(d) the country and all it stands for as well as ANYONE who is or has been through a traumatic experience. 

PTSD Awareness
This page is to help raise awareness about PTSD in my community.

The walk/run won’t be happening as I had hoped…….Insurance is needed, state approval is needed and I just don’t have the resources I was hoping for. BUT….the purpose of this page HAS NOT changed. I want to get to as many people as possible in my community and all over these United States and farther if I can. PTSD doesn’t just happen to our military…..it can happen to ANYONE.


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