Featured Advocate: Anonymous from FOA Families of Addicts 9/26


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del103I am an advocate because I know how addiction has affected myself and family personally and that got me thinking of how it must affect other families. I started. FOA with the idea if helping other families. From there it had grown into support but also advocacy to eliminate the shame and stigma for all of us affected in the hopes that people have more peaceful healthy lives and those addicted would be more likely to seek help. 

FOA Families of Addicts

Support, friendship and education for the residents of Dayton, Ohio, and Its surrounding communities.
FOA holds weekly meetings every Wednesday evening from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. at:
Lutheran Church of Our Savior
155 Thruston Blvd E, Dayton, OH 45419

FOA Family of Addicts ~ offers support, friendship and education to the people of Dayton, Ohio, and the surrounding communities whose life has been affected by the devastating disease of addiction. Through the sharing of our experiences, FOA provides a place for all family members, including those seeking and those living in long-term recovery to find support, friendship and education. We welcome those seeking and those living in long-term recovery to attend, as they can help us and we can help them, no matter what their place is in their journey. All are welcome to attend with an attitude of willingness, open-mindedness and honesty.

If addiction has found its way into your life, please consider joining us at our weekly meeting for support, friendship and education.



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