Featured Advocates: Admins of Mental Illness Anonymous 9/27

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del105Anonymous: We are advocates for mental health awareness because both admins of this page are psychologists and currently work in the areas of clinical and counseling psychology. We are well aware of the stigma against mental health issues and the stigma many of our clients face as they seek treatment for mental health issues. We are working to try and break these stigmas placed in society so that people will feel more comfortable talking about mental health issues. We feel that many of the tragedies taking place in this world are directly related to these stigmas in the form of inadequate mental health care coverage with insurance companies and family related issues.

Mental Illness Anonymous
To give courage, support, and share information for those diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder and their families.

To give courage, support, and share information for those diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder and their families. *NOTE* This Facebook page is not intended for diagnosis of any mental disorder or intended for use in emergency mental health crisis. If in crisis dial 911 and get help immediately.



  1. I am on disability because of my mental instability, but no psychiatrist will accept my insurance. I can no longer afford $100 for a 15 minute med check. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


    1. I am not sure where you live, but there are services you can receive that are free most places. If you are in the US, contact NAMI or Mental Health Association. Also, if you are on disability, you should be able to qualify for medicare or medicaid. Don’t give up hope, there is help out there.

      1. I’m on Medicaid and medicare but no doctor will see me because they don’t take that insurance. I’ve tried to call disability and get a list of doctors but all the doctors who take medicare won’t see me because I have Medicaid. I called my local social services and they said there’s about a 2 year waiting list. I’ll look into the two you gave me. Thank you!!

  2. Happy Tuesday! I’m Shay and I have a small blog on WP as well, however the majority of my time is spent working with the members of my Facebook Support Group, Young, Bipolar, and Beautiful. I feel that my role as founder and administrator of this page is directed purely at stopping the stigma behind mental illness, as well as promoting advocacy through shared research, related topics, blogs, creativity, and positive encouragement. Young, Bipolar, and Beautiful does not tolerate negativity of any kind, and is continuously monitored by group members who are generous enough to devote their personal time to helping out the group. We are a brand new group, however we are rapidly increasing in size with every passing day. The atmosphere is youthful and vibrant, and lightly governed by a small handful of guidelines. The members are absolutely amazing and open to sharing their thoughts and opinions. Overall, I could not be more proud of this project and it’s outcome. We support mental illness advocacy 100%. Check us out at https://www.facebook.com/beautifulnbipolar and https://www.facebook.com/groups/beautifulybipolar/
    Kind Regards,

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