Featured Advocate: Anonymous from A Petal At A Time:Healing Complex PTSD 9/30

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del48Anonymous: I became an advocate because I wanted to  bring awareness to abusive relationships and the psychological toll they take on a person. Society has connected shame with mental health disorders and that is only changed by speaking truth.

A Petal At A Time:Healing Complex PTSD

I was not aware of a great deal of my traumas until a year ago. I just always felt like something was off.
During a battle with a physical illness that had been deemed terminal, I started “flooding” with repressed memories. During this time I was involved with a man that was horribly abusive and an alcoholic. He is listed as the catalyst to elevating my PTSD to Complex PTSD. I barely left that relationship with my life.I had some very vivid memories of trauma, but never emotion connected to these events. Last Fall I walked into a therapist office and explained what I was experiencing. The next several months were filled with therapy and I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD. After that diagnosis, it was apparent that I would need a team that specialized in trauma therapy. I now have an amazing team. My belief is “You have to be brave with your life so others can be brave with theirs.” I decided to make my journey public, because when I was diagnosed with PTSD, I had no idea what it was or the impact it would have on my daily life. Since my diagnosis I have left behind my career in business to focus completely on my healing

It is my desire to use my healing journey and experience to educate and remind others that they are not alone.


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