Featured Advocate: Lindsay from Parenting Children with Mental & Emotional Disorders 10/2

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del42Lindsay: I am an advocate because I have been dealing with my two younger children’s issues for the past 10 years. I have learned so much. I wanted to share with people around the word that mental disabilities in children are real . When we need to vent or discuss issues we face daily , we can all relate on the page. A lot of parents don’t like to be ridiculed on their regular Facebook pages . I have helped moms with information that are in the same situation as me . They have also helped me .

Parenting Children with Mental & Emotional Disorders
A community for parents & caregivers to give & receive advice and resources

Hi everyone ! I am a mother of 4 boys . Two of my boys ages 6, 9 have been diagnosed with several disorders. I created this page so other mothers that are dealing with these issues can share their stories . I hope we can all help each other . Everyone’s situation is unique and no two situations or children are the same . We may have comparisons . I know 1st hand how difficult and lonely it is dealing with everything hat comes along with emotional/behavioral/mental Disorders.


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