Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Awkward Third Wheel 10/17

featured page

del68Anonymous: I am an advocate for all mental health concerns. Peculiarly, I am concerned about depression, feeling alone and alcohol abuse. As I know them all too well. I created this page as I wanted to relate to people out there to show that they’re not the only ones in that situation. To show that they’re  never alone.

Awkward Third Wheel

For people that have experienced the third wheel, depression and the troubles it brings. Inbox always open. S4S

Hi! I started this page as I want to express my thoughts and feelings. But also allow other people to express their own and feel wanted. My story is that I went through a serious rough patch in life. I had trouble with self-harming and alcohol abuse/dependency for just over a year. I understand what a lot of people are going through. As I said my inbox is always open. And I am always here to talk to. You’re never alone.


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