Featured Advocate: Anonymous from Coffee with Autism 10/19

featured page

del72Anonymous: I am an advocate because my son is autistic, has epilepsy and has psychiatric issues (but no official diagnosis). I advocate for him because he is non-verbal and has a great deal of difficulty communicating. On my page I write about my experiences raising my 17 year old son because  I like to keep my personal page (mostly) autism-free. It’s kind of an escape.

Coffee with autism
The random thoughts of a sometimes over-caffeinated mom.
I’m the mom of a 17 year old son with “classic autism”. He’s non-verbal and has epilepsy. My goal with this blog is to build awareness of his and our experiences. It’s the part of the spectrum I can speak to from experience. I think it needs a bull horn. You’ll also get my perspective from 22 years of teaching elementary grades.I want this to be a judgment-free zone, so if my blog becomes more public, I’ll go all “teacher” on anyone who acts out, and tell them to mind their internet manners. All parents want the best, so no bashing. As I tell my students, “Room 12 needs to be a safe place”….. so does “Caffeinated Autism”.

Oh, and if you don’t like a side of coffee, dog, and wine jokes with your autism this isn’t the place for you.




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