Featured Advocate: Christine from Pretend it’s on the Lesson Plan 10/18

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del70Christine: I advocate for my two children because everything I had ever been told about them by “professionals” is completely wrong. I was told everything from “they would never speak” to “they will snap out of it.” I spent too many sleepless nights to count educating myself on autistics. Learning and reading from the real professionals, autistics themselves. I advocate because I am passionate about making sure my children are protected and recognized as PEOPLE. Nothing more, nothing less. I advocate as they hold my hand and guide me through this amazing thing called ‘Life.”

Pretend it’s on the Lesson Plan
My first Facebook page “Because they chose us” was my baby. I had written it as a journal for my daughter, who is autistic. Later on when we realized our son was also autistic, with Aspergers, I knew I had to change the flow of the page. I loved writing and getting to know all the amazing families, but it got to be too much for me at that time.
Months have changed, and so have we. My kids are growing up and turning into independent people. It’s hard to let go, but I feel I have to move on to a new chapter in our book. “The Growing Years” Yes, these are the fun years. I also have a lot to say about marriage, parenting, homeshooling. Like I said, our life has changed drastically these past months. It’s no longer stuck on the word “autism.” Now we are just living life.

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