Featured Advocate: J from Mental Health Mission 10/20

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del74J: I am an advocate because I have always had a great interest in mental health, and, since being affected by mental illness personally, it is my mission to help break down the stigma attached to mental illness and to show nothing but love, care and acceptance to those who are struggling. I have a particular interest in stopping the stigma currently attached to personality disorders.

Mental Health Mission
This page aims to raise awareness, promote recovery and help to end the stigma of mental health illnesses and addictions.
Thank you for visiting the page. I am a long term sufferer of different mental health illnesses. I have personally suffered from depression, anxiety, OCD and BPD – (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Borderline Personality Disorder).My OCD started at 9 years old and is still with me today, my depression is also still with me but I am doing much better and the BPD reared its ugly head in a big way this year landing me in a psychiatric unit 6 times.I am now on the road to recovery and would like to spread positive recovery tips and pictures, talk about my experiences and also go into more depth about certain illnesses which are highly stigmatised.Hopefully spreading awareness on mental health issues will help to stop people from flippantly saying statements like “im so OCD about that” and “im so depressed today” which makes the illness seem insignificant when in fact it ruins lives.

Other admins also run this page who have varying issues with mental health and addictions.  Website



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